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Storm Damage Repairs in Ann Arbor, MI

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Free Expert Michigan Roof Inspections

Michigan Roof InspectionsIf you’ve ever gone through the stress and expense of replacing your roof, the last thing you want to do is risk having to do it again when the next storm hits. At ROOF PROS, our Michigan roofing contractors provide long-lasting roof repairs and replacement from most any storm with our proven industry-leading installation process.

This painstaking process is what makes our roof replacements tougher than most others. That all adds up to roofing systems that last longer, protecting your family and home for years beyond roofs installed by ordinary standards.

Our Free Roof Inspection Includes Checking For:

  1. Roof Inspections DetroitAge of the roof?
  2. Is the roof improperly nailed?
  3. Is moisture present?
  4. Are there any water leaks?
  5. Inspect attic insulation for proper R-Value.
  6. Is there granular deterioration?
  7. Are there missing, loose, or split shingles?
  8. Are there discolored or dark patches?
  9. Is algae or moss present?
  10. Are the Chimney flashings damaged or corroded?
  11. Are the Counter flashings damaged or corroded?
  12. Are the Step flashings damaged or corroded?
  13. Are the Pipe Collar flashings damaged or corroded?
  14. Are there any shingles buckled, blistered, or curling?
  15. Is there a ridge vent?  Are there any obstructions?
  16. Are there gable vents?  Are there any obstructions?
  17. Is there an attic ventilator fan?  Is it operable?
  18. Are there soffit vents?  Are there any obstructions?
  19. Check all gutters and downspouts.   What kind of condition are they in?
  20. Check all Soffit and Fascia.  What kind of condition are they in?
  21. Check all Valleys.  What kind of condition are they in?

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