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Storm Damage Repairs in Ann Arbor, MI

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Professional Storm Damaged Roof Repairs In Michigan

Strom Damaged Roof Repairs In MichiganEveryone who lives in Michigan knows how extreme the weather can be. From season to season, weather brings dramatic conditions that can wreak havoc on a Michigan home's roof. Possibly the worst of these elements is hail.  It is not a question of if there will be hail in Michigan; it is a matter of when.  At some point in time, just about every homeowner in the state has suffered some sort of storm damage to their homes.

Storms can do great harm to Michigan roofs. After the storm has completely passed, you should immediately check for roof damage. Check your roof from one end to another so you can properly diagnose the storm effects. If you miss just one spot or neglected one problem area, you may pay dearly, not just for roof repairs but also for replacement of damaged valuable furniture and home furnishings.

Unless you are a trained carpenter or an engineer, or you know someone skilled who can get to work immediately, all you can do is try to perform minor and temporary repairs on your Michigan roof immediately after a storm. Temporary roof repair is necessary so that you can prevent further damage when another storm hits before you get your Michigan roof permanently repaired.

The most expedient way to repair your roof after a storm is to spread tarpaulin or water-proof canvass over your entire leaky roof. It is better to use the tarpaulin over your roof rather than under the roof and inside your house since doing the latter will lead to water collecting and leaking inside your home.

Remember to do this very carefully and with adequate assistance from capable members of your family. Be sure, too, to cover your roof up really tightly so that the wind cannot get under the tarpaulin or canvass and rip it and the rest of your roof off. After you have pulled the covering over your roof as tightly as you and your assistant(s) can manage, secure the ends with strong ropes and nails so that even a fairly strong gust of wind will not be able to undermine your temporary storm damage repair.

Then Call Us..... We will be able to quickly assess the damage to your property and get your repairs started right away.  We have plenty of experience in dealing with Michigan Insurance Claims and this is one hassle you will not have to concern yourself with.

We are not your ordinary Michigan roofing contractor and we understand that suffering any type of weather related damage to your home can be a stressful and a trying circumstance. That is why ROOF PROS is committed to setting your mind at ease. If you require storm damage repairs to your Michigan home, then call us immediately.

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