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Why Ridge Vents Are Important For Your Ann Arbor Roof

November 28, 2011 at 7:48 pm | Category: New Roof

If your Ann Arbor home has a gabled roof (that is, a triangular-shaped roof that allows rain and snow to easily slide off to the ground), you probably know the importance of having ridge vents installed when it’s time for a roof replacement. If not, chances are you might wonder why the attic feels stuffy when you go there to bring down Christmas decorations or other seasonal items. If there isn’t proper ventilation in all parts of your home, you’ll certainly feel the result, and quite possibly not enjoy it.

What is a ridge vent?

A ridge vent is special type of shingle that runs lengthwise across your gabled or slanted roof, and allows for air to ventilate out from attics and crawlspaces. While you may be concerned that a ridge vent could in turn bring in the outer elements, ridge vents are constructed to keep pollution and bad weather out while your home is properly ventilated.

Why have ridge vents?

Consider how air circulates in your Ann Arbor home. With windows and doors closed, the air has to go somewhere. As heat rises, for example, it flows upward to your attic or crawlspace. If there is nowhere for the air to ventilate out, it becomes trapped in that space and can cause your attic to turn into a sauna. Poor ventilation also can cause moisture build-up under your roof, which in turn can damage the roof deck. Shingles might rot as a result, and you’ll need a new roof before you realize it!

What’s worse, the hotter your house feels, the more likely you’ll crank up the AC, which costs you money. To think all you need is proper roof ridge vents to prevent this from happening.

Installing ridge vents

When you’re ready for a roof replacement, be sure to discuss your options with regards to ridge vents with your Ann Arbor roofing contractor.  A reputable roofer will know exactly what is needed to ensure that your roof maintains its strong structure for years to come.

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