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With over 15 years experience Roof Pros has become one of the premier Ann Arbor roofing contractors in all of Michigan. Our roofing professional specializes in storm damage repair and has extensive experience working with insurance companies. We represent you and your needs directly to your insurance company, to ensure all damages are properly assessed and you receive the most out of your settlement. 80% of our clients receive total replacement of their roof! Our experienced claim specialist will give your roof a thorough roof inspection even providing you with detailed photographs and comments for your review all at no cost or obligation!

Leak Free Guarantee

Leak Free Roofing in MIEach Roof Pros roof replacement comes with this personal guarantee to you: It’s so powerful, so thorough, and so certain to be bull’s-eye accurate, that we guarantee your roof won’t leak for the lifetime you have the roof…
We call it our Leak-Free Guarantee!

Roof problems have a tendency to sneak up on everyone. For most people, it’s impossible to simply look at it and notice any “hidden problems.” Any number of things that can spell major trouble for your roof can go unseen, like MOLD, ROTTING, BUCKLING, GRANULE LOSS, DAMAGED FLASHING… the list of hidden, potential faults is many. At Roof Pros, we specialize in finding and notifying you of them. Should you follow our recommendations for eliminating any discovered problems, WE guarantee your roof won’t leak...
If it does, we’ll repair it for FREE!

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